When Antibiotics sounds like heaven. Part One

It was a dark and stormy night… 

On a brisky, cold fall morning… 

It has been a rough week. Both of my children have been sick. Usually it is not all bad but both my children were sick and we had no idea what was wrong with either one. That is simply the worst. It all started Friday morning…

Somehow Fridays has become “the day at the doctors” day. It turned out to be a family trip this Friday. My oldest son had itchy bumps on his left arm, which started to spread slightly, but could not be anything bacterial because he just finished antibiotics for an ear infection. My younger son, well, he is a book to write about (not gaining enough weight, cough for a month, throwing up randomly, .etc). This particular Friday he had wheezing, coughing, and throwing up, talk about a triple play.

We did not see our regular doctor because he was not available so we went to the next available doctor.  Sometimes it pays off because the new doctors tend to take a step back and look at the general picture.


Our oldest son he thought out loud about a bunch of different possibilities (even if I could remember what he said, I probably couldn’t even spell them… on the other hand, I could not even guess how to spell them!), He called in another doctor for a second opinion and told us “let us see how it is by Monday. If it goes away, who cares what it was, and if it doesn’t, come back. BECAUSE if it does not go away it WILL get worse and then we will be able to make a prognosis.” Now that sounds like a plan. Continue suffering and I will see you in a few days.

Our youngest was not that simple. The doctor ordered blood tests, nebulizer test, and come back on Tuesday to see his regular doctor.

Well there was no point on keeping our oldest around the doctor’s office so I was “sent” “home” with the oldest.


“sent” = I can’t take care of the youngest anyways so it makes sense for me to leave.


“home” = stop by the super market, with the sick older kid, and pickup (what ends up being a huge list)… on your way home.

To Be Continued…


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