When Antibiotics sounds like heaven. Part Two


My wife reported to me over the phone that the our youngest was whizzing and the doctor wanted us to continue the nebulizer for 5 days.  Sounds like fun having to hold a mask on a child less than a year old.  THEY HATE IT.  But, we have no choice so we will do what we got to do.  This was hopefully going to help with the not sleeping and throwing up.  I was not so convinced…

The weekend was very rough.  I do not think I have slept a complete night in a week!  My oldest son is fine and by Sunday the itching was gone but not the bumps; they are still slowly going away.  Points to the Doc!  My younger son on the other hand was not doing to well.  He was up most of the last 3 nights.  He looks spaced out, not happy, not eating very much, and threw up so many times I stopped counting,which is not helping his lack of growth.  He hated the nebulizer so much we stopped doing it after the second treatment, plus the fact he threw up after each time.

On Sunday I looked to the heavens for help… and I got it!!  The babysitter called my wife to tell her the baby was running a fever.  I was so happy I decided to leave work and pick up the baby myself.  Now you probably asking yourself, why did we send the baby to the babysitter if he was not feeling well?  Simply because we had no reason not to send him.  He had no temperature, the doctor didn’t say not to and there was no way to pinpoint what was wrong. 

We have a temperature.  The best thing about a temperature is a doctor will most likely find the cause of the temperature and the problem will either be viral or bacterial.  If the problem is viral, you are out of luck and just have to suffer through whatever it is you have.  If it is bacterial, ANTIBIOTICS!  Later that night we had even better news.  The babysitter called again to tell us one of the children in group had Shigella.  It was getting better by the minute.  The doctor will have no choice but to finally give antibiotics.

Well, Monday morning my wife took the baby to his regular doctor.  The baby’s blood test came back and overall it was fine, except he is lacking iron.  The doctor said to stop the nebulizer, feed the baby soy based formula instead of milk based and PRESCRIBED ANTIBIOTICS.

You have to understand me.  I am not a big fan of antibiotics and neither is my wife.  She is into holistic medicine, message therapy and so on.  It also happens to be our doctor is not big into antibiotics, which is one of the reason we like him so much.  He likes to wait things out, try other methods to solve problems.  He tends to use antibiotics only when needed, and yes, sometimes that need is more for the parents than the child, but in this case it was for the child.  Our Baby had an ear infection.

Our baby started antibiotics at 4:00 p.m. and only received one dosage (it is for 2 times daily so we couldn’t give it twice on Monday).  The difference – our baby slept through the night for the first time in a week!  A gift from heaven.


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