In Memory of Yonah Goldman

Yonah Goldman was killed November 22, 2007 in a car accident.  Yonah was a very dear friend of mine and wonderful person.  He was buried in the land he loved most, Israel.  He had  studied in an Israel University, Machon Lev, and had a degree in marketing.

He was such a sweet hearted person, always with a smile, always telling jokes.  I will surely miss him.

He leaves behind a wife and sone, less than a year old.

Yonah, we will all miss you!

Yonah with his wife.

Yonah on his wedding day.

UPDATE 12/3/2007:

Sorry for not writing sooner.  I am in contact with two organizations that are working out setting up some way to make a donation.  One will be for people located in Israel and one for people located in America.  I will post more information when it becomes available.

I have spent the last week thinking of all the good times I had with Yonah.  His untimely death shocked me very hard and I felt I was not as good of a friend as I could have been to Yonah.  I decided I had to visit the family.  I had missed the funeral and I “owed” it to Yonah to visit his family.

I must say I felt much better after visiting the family in Kiryat Arba.  They were so full of smiles talking about Yonah.  I myself was full of smiles.  Yonah’s mother told me that Yonah lived his dream, “he lived more years than most people living in a complete lifetime”.  She didn’t need to tell me this, I knew it.  I spent years with Yonah trying to figure out how to live in Israel.  Where to study, where to find the best jobs and where to raise our children.

Yonah will be here forever, he was buried on Har Hamenuchot, in Givat Shaul.

 You can read more about how Yonah was killed doing a chesed/kind deed.


7 Responses to “In Memory of Yonah Goldman”

  1. Ezzie Says:

    Kalman… sorry to contact you in such a situation. If you know of any way to help out

  2. ffemtkl Says:

    I am in touch with his wife and I am waiting until the end of the shiva period to ask her what her current needs are for her and her baby.

  3. Ezzie Says:

    Okay, thank you.

  4. ben Says:

    Please let me know as well if i can raise funds for the family.
    My email:

  5. Mendel Says:

    Yonah’s family is setting up a web site:

    The site is still under construction, but will include information about the shloshim, mishnayos learning, as well as thoughts, stories and photos from family and friends.

    We have also set up the Yonah Goldman Benefit Fund to help Yonah’s wife and son. We’re open to ideas and suggestions, but please be in touch with us before setting up additional funds. Emails can be sent to

  6. David Farkas Says:

    I never knew Yonah, nor his family, nor his friends. I had never heard of him, nor, I am sure, he of me. Yet through the magic of the internet and links I have been led to this page where, in final peace, Yonah has inspired me and undoubtedly, countless others. I am inspired of the courage and strength of conviction he had in making aliyah and working in the land of Israel. I am moved that he was recalled to heaven in the performance of a true good deed. May the widow and the child be strong and courageous in carrying on. They should be proud to be forever a part of what was obviously a special life.

  7. Michael Loren Says:

    I knew Yonah when he was a child growing up in Overland Park, Kansas. One summer I took Yonah camping with my son for a one night overnighter. Yonah was a fun kid. We slept in a small tent during a hot humid summer day and cooled off by running into the nearby murky lake water. We had water fights and floated on blow up rafts. Bugs were everywhere, and Yonah didn’t complain once. As soon as we were out of the water we were sweating with flies and mosquito’s swarming around us. It was a fun one night camp out. Later I remember him studying Chumash often on Shabbos afternoon with his mom and father. It was always a great experience eating at their Shabbos table. Yonah looked up to his older brother and always gave a Devar Torah after the meal. He was a great kid and I am sure is in Gan Eden.

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