Why Was Yonah There?

This blog entry is a continuation of my Memorial for Yonah Goldman

 It was a question everyone was asking, yet no one knew the answer.  Yonah was killed in a car accident and therefore could not be asked.  Why was Yonah where he was when he was killed?  He should have driven a different route to work!  He was in the wrong area!  He never drove in this direction!  Why was he there?

The answer came one night when the family had a guest visit the house of mourning.  The guest sat down and began a story that would answer this question and sum up Yonah Goldman’s life.

It was raining hard and there was a woman waiting for a ride on the side of the road.  She was soaked from head to toe.  Yonah, on his way to work, saw her and decided to pull over and offer her a ride.  She was not exactly heading to the same location as Yonah, but was in the same general direction.  Yonah offered her a ride without hesitation.  Realizing he could not just let her off in the pouring rain, he said he would take her to the nearest gas station, where she would have shelter, and a place to ask other drivers for rides to where ever she was headed.

As Yonah pulled out of the gas station his car was hit by a truck.  He was not killed immediately.  He was in and out of consciousness for almost an hour before finally being called by the holy one.  A Rabbi who had witnessed the accident stayed with Yonah the entire time saying Tehillim, Vidui/Confession, and finally the Shema.

No one in the family was surprised when they heard this story.  This was Yonah’s life.  He loved to help others, make others smile.  He would do everything he can to help.

Please show your love and support to Yonah and his family.  If you are a member of Facebook please join the Yonah Memorial group.  Please post stories and pictures.  The family is part of this group and they read and view everything. I am in the process of setting up a fund to help his wife Dina and son Benyamin. I will post more details as they become available.


3 Responses to “Why Was Yonah There?”

  1. NYfunnyman Says:

    very nice.

  2. ag Says:

    hi, do you have an email address for Dina Goldman?

  3. accident compensation claim Says:

    I like the way you write ..Its really different and interesting … keep the momentum going ..
    brilliant. .

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