The OJ We All Have To Take

Yes, there is one OJ we all hate and yet still cannot get enough of, OJ Simpson.  The man has not scored a touchdown in more than 25 years.  He was acquitted more than 10 years ago.  Yet, we need more, or is it HE needs more?

I am still trying to understand this entire episode in Las Vegas.  The reason I am still trying is because I refuse to use the necessary brain cells to figure it out.  OJ Simpson, the man EVERYONE knows, the one who’s old “collectible” jersey was in that hotel room, tells his friends to “pack heat”.  What an idiot!  He deserves to go to jail just for being that stupid!

It will be a crime if he did not go to jail, not for the fact he “packed heat”, rather for the fact he is bound to do something else stupid and we will have to deal with his face and name in the media again.


How to lose $39 Billion

They don’t teach you how to do this in business school, but GM has announced a third quarter lossof $39 billion.  This is one of the largest quarterly corporate deficiets EVER.  Man that is a HUGE.  How do you lose that much in a quarter?  How do you loss that much in a life time?

If you read deeper into it you will find the news mentioned something about tax write offs?  I am not an accountant, but I have done financial reporting for departments in large corporations.  Things sseemed to be doing a bit better with the last three quarters ending in profits, but apparently that was just bogus, inflated or bull*&^$ (take your choice).  It is kinda crazy a company can hid losses that big for such a long time.

Either-way, it would be nice to be in a position to have that money to lose.

Cheerleader gets run over.

Not sure if there is an official “What not to do when you are a cheerleader” list, but this should defiantly be up there.

*Do not stand in front of the team banner when 50 strong, adrenalin rushing, well padded, football players are rushing the field!

It is a shame people have to bring up blond (just read some of the comments on YouTube). This is all about being obsessive. What is the difference if the banner is falling apart when it is about to be destroyed?

My take on this – Don’t get obsessed with something if it really doesn’t make a difference.

Note: Nice grab by the cop and below the belt on comparing Britney Spears to a monkey!