Who are the Traffic Nazis???

Many in the SEO world make a big mistake when talking about Google’s latest move; penalizing web sites that sell text ads (offer their own ad space). Some call it “hypocritical” to Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, other just call it unfair and bend over for Google. Other webmasters cannot believe they are forced to make changes to their web sites to keep their websites in Google’s index. How about we start calling it by its real name – Monopolization!

I know many of you will say “Google has the right to decide what goes in their index”, well they did, BUT things have changed and they do not now! Hell, the government and the courts have said it in the past, but things have changed drastically in the past few years.

Today Google controls more than 60% of the search market and that number is growing. This has happened to many companies in the past – they grow too big, become pricks, and the government needs to come in and control them. Case study most of us will remember – Microsoft. Does Microsoft have the right to bundle whatever they want into their operating system? No! Why not? Simply because they control the market and they hurt competition!

It is not just the fact Google is the most used search engine. It is also the fact that a very large part of their revenues come from Adsense. To quickly explain what adsense is – Google has a program that allows websites to run ads. When someone clicks on the ads, Google and the webmaster share the revenue. When a web site decides to run its own ads instead of using Adsense, Google is losing out on revenue, BIG revenue.

You still want proof that Google controls the market? The fact that every web site owner is now changing their underwear because of the latest PageRank update shows how much power Google really has and when you combine it with their control of the “Ad sense” market, MONOPOLY! Let me lay it out in a simpler way:

*Google: We need to raise our revenue. Let us get more websites to join adsense. But in order to do that we need to kill the “link sales” market.

*Web site owner to Google: “Google, we don’t want to share revenue with you. We want to sell our own ads space and keep 100% of the revenue.”

*Google: &^%$ (pick any 4 letter word) you!!!!! We will force you to use our revenue sharing system. We will penalize anyone selling text link ads (the fact they say if it with “no-follow” or thru a reroute you won’t get penalized is a joke. How the hell can anyone tell you how to sell ads and it lowers the value of the ad, directly affecting the revenue of the web site owner!)

*Web site owner: Bring it on!


*****Google = TRAFFIC NAZIS! ****