The OJ We All Have To Take

Yes, there is one OJ we all hate and yet still cannot get enough of, OJ Simpson.  The man has not scored a touchdown in more than 25 years.  He was acquitted more than 10 years ago.  Yet, we need more, or is it HE needs more?

I am still trying to understand this entire episode in Las Vegas.  The reason I am still trying is because I refuse to use the necessary brain cells to figure it out.  OJ Simpson, the man EVERYONE knows, the one who’s old “collectible” jersey was in that hotel room, tells his friends to “pack heat”.  What an idiot!  He deserves to go to jail just for being that stupid!

It will be a crime if he did not go to jail, not for the fact he “packed heat”, rather for the fact he is bound to do something else stupid and we will have to deal with his face and name in the media again.